Knot Genie & Teeny Genie Detangling Hair Brushes

We are so proud to carry the famous Knot Genie & Teeny Genie Detangling Hair Brushes on our website at  We fell in love with these brushes after using them along with Hip Peas Hair Detangler on our daughter’s long, easily tangled hair.  Try them – you will be a convert!

Wishing for an end to hair brushing standoffs?  Wish granted!  The Knot Genie™ Detangling Brush gently and painlessly glides through even the curliest, most knotted hair.  The secret is the unique bristle configuration.  The innovative teeth bend just right to gently release tangles and prevent breakage revealing the smoothest, shiniest hair you’ve ever seen.   Magically gets rid of knots – not to mention complaining!  Available in several different colors at

The Teeny GenieTM has the same great benefits as the full sized Knot Genie™ Detangling Brush but 20% smaller.  This brush is just the right size to fit in a child’s palm or for use when traveling.  It’s perfect for small hands and big knotty hair drama!  Available in several different color options at

Consciously yours,



Hip Peas Cradle Cap Care & Wooden Baby Brush

No doubt about it: Cradle cap is anything but cute. How to banish it without harsh measures? Hip Peas Cradle Cap Care offers an all-natural remedy with olive oil, jojoba oil, sunflower seed oil and vitamin E to soothe and moisturize your bundle of joy’s scalp. Just apply a small amount of this soothing oil and massage – our gentle formula adheres to flakes for easier removal with a brush, nourishing tender skin as it clears cradle cap.
Like the rest of the Hip Peas family, our Cradle Cap Care is free of parabens, sulfates (SLS), petrochemicals, and phthalates. Our deliciously light, calming scent comes only from natural lavender and bergamot oils. Our cradle cap care is hypoallergenic, so it won’t irritate tiny heads. And we never test on animals.  With Hip Peas Cradle Cap Care on your side, you’ll stop worrying about that pretty little head!
And to accompany your Cradle Cap Care product…..the Hip Peas Wooden Baby Brush!

Say bye-bye to bedhead, baby!  Hip Peas Baby Brush gently grooms your precious tot’s locks and helps tame fine baby flyaways.  Our eco-friendly brush is designed for baby’s comfort and will leave that sweet little head healthy with silky, shiny tresses.  Natural wooden handles and cruelty-free bristles are safe and gentle for even the littlest sweet pea!  Wonderful when used in conjunction with Hip Peas Cradle Cap Care for gentle removal of cradle cap flakes and dry patches.

Consciously yours,

Hip Peas Curl Tamer

Go from wild curls to wild about curls with Hip Peas Curl Tamer!  Makes the most of your little one’s assets – moisturizing, enhancing, and defining waves and curls without weighing down hair. Our Curl Tamer also detangles, tames frizz, and eliminates static, while strengthening and protecting loopy locks to prevent breakage. Leaves curls silky and soft!
One thing you won’t find here is bad stuff: Hip Peas Curl Tamer is free of parabens, sulfates (SLS), petrochemicals, and phthalates – and is made without cruelty to animals.  Silk amino acids, Vitamin E and Panthenol strengthen and protect little locks.  Natural blueberry extract imparts a yummy aroma loved by kids and parents alike.
Use Hip Peas Curl Tamer on wet or dry tresses to tame and revive curls. Simply apply a small amount of cream throughout hair for amazing waves!
Consciously yours,

Hip Peas Hair Detangler

Is your child’s hair knotty? Make nice with Hip Peas Hair Detangler! Sprayed on wet or dry hair, this kid-safe formula magically releases tangles for effortless combing. What’s more, it refreshes curly or straight hair, increases shine, prevents static, and eliminates frizz. Amazing! 

Naturally, our lightweight, alcohol-free Hair Detangler lives up to the Hip Peas promise: no parabens, sulfates (SLS), petrochemicals, phthalates, or cruelty to animals. Vitamin E, panthenol, and aloe moisturize petite strands, while silk amino acids seal in moisture and strengthen hair. 

Our plant-based formula is finished off with natural blueberry extract – for a delicious aroma kids just can’t resist. Combing out those lovely locks just became the best part of the day! 

 Consciously yours,

Hip Peas Hair Styling Balm

Twist, Twirl, Straighten or Curl!  Got a case of the flyaways?  A cowlick that won’t conform?  Ponies running wild?  Hip Peas Hair Styling Balm lets you tame, hold, spike and slick to your heart’s content!

Moms count on it. Kids love its yummy smell. Environmentally friendly and safe for kids. Hip Peas Hair Balm gets little ones’ locks under control and keeps your conscience clear, so you can style that sweet little head with confidence. Our testers report that Hip Peas Hair Balm holds slicked and spiked boys’ styles through the rigors of kid life. And girls’ braids, ponytails, and barrettes stay in place – even through gymnastics meets!

Consciously yours,

Welcome to the Peas and Love blog!

Thanks for visiting our blog here at Hip Peas – we are so excited to get it going!  Our vision is for this to be a place full of ideas and information related to Hip Peas products and living a healthy, happy life with children.  To get started, we’d like to spend the next few blog posts introducing you to our products.  We are very proud of our family of products and hope you will like them too.   Here we go…..

Are you a parent with a conscience?

If you’re like me, every product your child uses receives intense scrutiny. From the time my daughter was born, I scoured the shelves and opted for products with the safest ingredients possible. When it came to natural hair care, however, I was not only frustrated by the limited choices for children, but was also disheartened that most were terribly ineffective.
For the first year or two of my daughter’s life, I spent far too much time trying to keep her hair out of her eyes and hold barrettes in place. After searching without success for a child-friendly product to help, I decided to create my own. With a bachelor’s in biomedical science, a master’s in health care administration, and my “street knowledge” as a conscious mom, I knew I had the scientific expertise, health-focused business training, and passion for the subject to pull it off.
I spent months researching ingredients, analyzing product formulations, and gathering a team of scientists. Finally, our first Hip Peas product was born – a hair balm made with safe and natural ingredients that also happens to work miracles!  We received great feedback on this product which inspired us to develop others.  Our current family of products includes Hip Peas Hair Styling Balm, Hip Peas Hair Detangler, Hip Peas Curl Tamer, Hip Peas Cradle Cap Care and Hip Peas Shampoo & Body Wash.  We also sell a Wooden Baby Brush (perfect for use with the Cradle Cap Care product!) and the famous Knot Genie Detangling Brushes on our website.  

We are so proud of all of our products and look forward to creating more for our kids and yours!